LUGUS 28.09

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An evening of promenade performance, sonic art and experimental visuals. Artists will perform together and alone, responding to the space while responding to each other in their improvisations. Sometimes there’ll be sound, light and colour, sometimes signals and data, emitting, transmitting, responding, projecting and communicating through an array of musical and non-musical devices.

Saturday 28th September
CODY DOCK, 11 South Crescent, Canning Town, E16 4TL  MAP


Sound Beam // Lee Berwick
An experimental foray into the world of moving sound beams. A live performance using Rob Olins’s sound reflectors from the installation Sound Mirrors. A beam of sound will be projected around an area of the dock, a site specific composition by Lee Berwick will be used to test the theory that this beam of sound can be focused and moved using a mobile sound mirror.

squetti // Artur Matamoro Vidal, Maria Papadomanolaki, Yiorgis Sakelariou 
A project birthed out of the common interest of three musicians to initially merge heavy guitar riffs and free-improv combined with lo-fi noise electronics.

Artur Matamoro Vidal (alto saxophone, objects, radio)
Maria Papadomanolaki (transmitters, electronics)
Yiorgis Sakellariou (electric guitar)

Improvisation // Ansuman Biswas
Ansuman Biswas works in a wide variety of media, his central concern lying between science, work and religion. Improvisation and play are important elements in his practice, and at its core is the technique of vipassana meditation.

Bermuda Triangle Test Engineers // Melanie Clifford, Howard Jacques, Nick Wilsdon
This project is the live incarnation of the makers of Resonance 104.4fm’s infamous and long-running Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts. This trio of musicians escape the radio studio for a night to transmit live across Cody Dock.

For information on upcoming programmes and live activities:-

Rucksack Cinema // Jaime Rory Lucy 
Presenting delirious and innovative live visuals, Rucksack Cinema, a.k.a Jamie Rory Lucy has an astonishing and almost preternatural ability to mix imagery with what is happening on stage as well as creating strange and wonderful atmospheres throughout a space.

The Soliton Project vs. Minaximal vs. Algorithmic Garden Furniture // Stephen Shiell, Al Cree & Dave Corbett
After-show performance with live mixing, sound manipulation and lo-fi sci-fi improvisation.

Lugus is a sound project curated by Stephen Shiell in association with Cody Dock.

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